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The Mystery of Quiet

Slow Healing

A Slow Compost

An Unexpected Gift

The Pathways of Grief

Love is the Fire

Where Love Begins

Carry Them Up

“The Glow of Dawn”

Wait and Watch

Turn Sideways into the Light

A few weeks ago, I heard a story about two tribes in Ireland. This story is so good that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And then, wait for it….I had an idea for a poem. Here’s the story and then a poem. Tribe #1 organized their days around beauty. After a day of work,…

My Beautiful Boy

Listen My Beautiful Boy Dale Carl Fredrickson 3:47 Free Download My Beautiful Boy Purchase Album + Journal + Zine I. My beautiful boy, masculinity is not a bumper sticker of clichés but an epic poem that you must write and rewrite. i need to say to you: don’t settle for the comfort of easy answers.…

The Day the Training Wheels Came Off

The Gentlest Breeze

Permission to Feel

Blessed is the man

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Blessed is the man