Healing & Aching

Prayer is an act of imagination
where longings about others, ourselves, and the world are transformed by God

The poet, Anis Mojgani described prayer as "a quiet kiss given to the solar system." Consider the act of prayer. What are we actually doing when we pray for ourselves, for others, or even for hardships across the world? There are some surprising answers that I've stumbled on. Recent scientific studies seem to confirm what our ancestors knew; prayer is transformative.

Through a project I have called "Healing & Aching," I share fresh thoughts on prayer and inspiring examples of prayer. My goal is that this prayer book and album helps you express your deep longings and brings you closer to experiencing hope and healing.

      - Dale C. Fredrickson

each package includes


  • Pocket-size book (4"x4") with 5 poems
  • Additional pages for your own prayers, notes, & drawings


  • 5 spoken word poems set to original music
  • 23 minute talk on prayer
  • CD or digital download

$20 for the first package
$15 for each additional package

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