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On Wounds & Wonder Book


This book of poems is my best writing on this subject. The book fits in your hand and has a soft matte finish that pairs perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. If you loved the album you definitely want to get this poem book.



How do we heal from the wounds that sabotage our lives so that we can experience wonder? I read biographies and took careful notes. I filled shoeboxes with 3” x 5” notecards. I wrote and rewrote. Something wasn’t working. Finally, I had a break through. An epiphany, if you will. The way I was posing the question forced me to answer it with an either/or. In this way of thinking, wounds became an experience of life that was always bad and wonder became an experience that was always good. Through writing poem after poem, I learned that posing wounds and wonders against each other is actually harmful. What I learned from writing these poems is that wounds and wonders are a both/and. Wounds are an invitation to enter into the raw and real of human life and then to wait for the wonder. The poems in this book will challenge you to face your wounds and experience wonder. If you want to experience life at its greatest depth these poems can point the way.