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Week 1: The Cross and the Lynching Tree

Week 1 By the end of tonight’s session, you will have the necessary background, especially regarding the cross, lynching tree, and the general outline of this work to feel confident as you crack open and read each chapter. Week 1 Slides Audio Only Background This year, instead of a traditional Ash Wednesday Service, we invite…

Lectio Divina

Listen Along We swam, drank a lot of Dr. Pepper, ate pepperoni pizza and devoured an ice cream cake before it was time for presents. I was sixteen years old and had just gotten my driver’s license. I eyed the small box in the corner and opened it immediately finding a travel size Old Spice…

Peace and Justice, Jacob Blake, and the NBA

In the middle of July, I received an email, that I would be teaching an “Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies” to freshman at Regis College. Even with all the unknowns of COVID-19, I was ecstatic for this opportunity and threw myself into preparing the course. My goals for the class are to help students…

Come and feel with me: An interview with Dominique Christina

How do we begin to understand racism and the evil it perpetuates? In this interview, Dominique Christina, opens up about the intersections of her life and work as poet, educator, and activist. Through stories, poetry, and impassioned conversation she invites us to feel; “to try on this sadness, this outrage, this pain, to reject the “construct” of race, and remind ourselves again of the miracle, the infinite possibilities of being human.

Humility is Revolutionary (For My White Friends)

It would be easy, yet again, to look away or ignore the suffering and pain that is American racism. The tragic murder of George Floyd is yet another stirring “wake up” call to the injustices of race in American life. Yet, this storyline is overcast with fears, ignorance, and inaction that continues to grow as…

The Mystery of Quiet

Slow Healing

A Slow Compost

An Unexpected Gift

The Pathways of Grief

Love is the Fire

Where Love Begins

Carry Them Up

“The Glow of Dawn”

Wait and Watch

Blessed is the man

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Blessed is the man