Come and feel with me: An interview with Dominique Christina

How do we begin to understand racism and the evil it perpetuates? In this interview, Dominique Christina, opens up about the intersections of her life and work as poet, educator, and activist. Through stories, poetry, and impassioned conversation she invites us to feel; “to try on this sadness, this outrage, this pain, to reject the “construct” of race, and remind ourselves again of the miracle, the infinite possibilities of being human.

On Wounds & Wonder

On Wounds & Wonder: Podcast 13 | a little exercise that could change your life

On this episode, I talk about the unreflective ambitions, passions, and desires that can drag us in directions that we really don’t want to go. I talk about busyness and people pleasing and the transformative power of breathing. I summarize Tim Kreider’s excellent essay Lazy: A manifesto and introduce you to some obscure but important early Christian…