Wildgoose: Part Three – Advocate

What if you meet someone who has never heard the term Holy Spirit? How would you describe it? What would you compare it to? The Bible describes the experience of the Holy Spirit with metaphors like Dove, Clouds, Advocate, Water and Fire. This week, we will look carefully at the Gospel of John, Chapter 14: 15-21 and think about the Holy Spirit as an advocate or helper.

Wildgoose: Part Two – Clouds

At key moments in the Bible the Holy Spirit is described as a “cloud.” The “cloud” appears at Mount Sinai, the tent of meeting, the desert, the dedication of the temple, and at the angel’s announcement of the birth of Jesus. That’s a lot of “cloud.” This “cloud” is not afraid to travel.

What’s the Holy Spirit? How do we catch this “cloud” and experience the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives?