Wildflower Revolution – “Spiritfed”

When someone invites you to become your best self, it’s frightening.  Your best self is who you are created to be.  It’s the “Image of God” blooming within you for all to see.  But, there’s a problem.  When you are invited to be something bigger than yourself, there’s this mixture of awe and wonder, discomfort and fear.  When you let your best self shine, it can be scary and awesomely exhilarating!

Wildflower Evolution

I said to some friends over dinner, “let’s create something beautiful.”  We broke bread and drank from the cup. We talked. We dreamed. We laughed. We are inspired.  And then, we create: words, photos, drawings, paintings, music, and movies.  And now, we share. May your heart be refreshed by love, beauty, truth-God. The wildflower revolution is…